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Do you like coffee? How about science? Have you ever wondered why your barista seems so intense about their trade when coffee is seemingly everywhere and easy to make? Well look no further! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems and coffee least of all. With Adam Carr Ph.D. behind the wheel we will cover everything from chemistry to geography, history to barista etiquette.

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Host Milan 2019

Quality A through Quality C

Roasting and Chemistry

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Our Guru hasn't been drinking enough coffee and is out for the episode. HOWEVER; Adam and Josh rant mostly about roasting and sometimes get sidetracked. Par for the course really.

Coffee and Health

Seven Miles Coffee Roaster

We make our best attempt at being as entertaining as Healthy harold.
We talk about:
Acidity in coffee
Performance enhancement
Cold brew Vs hot brew
Maybe some other stuff

Decaf: its like normal coffee, only not.

Welcome to the show notes.

When we were brewing as much batch brew as possible for a sales and marketing conference. We did a pot of single origin and a pot of single origin decaf and no one noticed. Jokes on you, Sales Team!!

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