Coffee. Science. Guru.

Do you like coffee? How about science? Have you ever wondered why your barista seems so intense about their trade when coffee is seemingly everywhere and easy to make? Well look no further! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems and coffee least of all. With Adam Carr Ph.D. behind the wheel we will cover everything from chemistry to geography, history to barista etiquette.

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Listen to SustainabilityA word on every body's mind: SUSTAINABILITY!

Science in coffee!

Listen to Science in coffee!Whats the deal with Science in coffee? Do you think it's worth the hype or is coffee all art and theatre?

Coffee Freshness and Ageing

Listen to Coffee Freshness and AgeingCan coffee be too fresh or too old? Yes But why?

L.A. Coffee Festival (Feat: Jenny Willits)

Listen to L.A. Coffee Festival (Feat: Jenny Willits)Recently Dr Adam and Jenny Willits, CEO extraordinaire, went on a trip to Los Angeles to give talks at the L.A. Coffee Festival. Is American coffee really that bad? Lets find out!!!


Listen to AutomationAutomation is a buzz word in almost every industry and coffee is no exception. Is it the death of the barista? Or will your daily cup become all the better? Join Dr. Adam, Josh and special guest Matthew Brown as we try to figure it all out.


Listen to Espresso!Espresso! What is it? Where did it come from? Do you drink it? Why is it important?

Episode 0 (Who we are and what we do)

Listen to Episode 0 (Who we are and what we do)Hello and welcome to Episode 0 of C.S.G. This is just a brief intro to who we are and what we trying to do with this project. Hope you enjoy :)