Featured Coffee: Aceh Felicia Telege


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This coffee is part of our ‘Cherry-Picked’ range. These unique, limited-edition coffees will be available in small quantities throughout the year. Aceh Felicia Telege is available in 250g packs from August 8, 2022 while stock lasts.

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About this coffee

The Indonesian Island of Sumatra is one of the world’s key coffee growing regions, pumping out over 600,000 Tonnes of green coffee every year.

Almost all of that coffee has the distinctive ‘Indonesian’ taste – which is often described as ‘earthy’ or ‘spicy’ – and has less to do with the growing conditions, and more to do with the traditional wet-hulling process, known as ‘Gilling Basah’.

So, when we came first tasted the ‘Aceh Felicia Telege’ coffee, our coffee roasters were blown away by what they were tasting.

Here’s how our small batch roaster & QA specialist, Mike Ford described the reaction:

“This coffee is blowing people’s minds! They are saying it is unlike anything they’ve had before. Intense dried fruit, orange and boozy. Someone even said rum & raisin, which is a pretty good description. I think people will enjoy drinking this coffee with other people just to see their reaction.”

The producer, Bapak Zainal Man is located near the remote town of Telege in the central Aceh region.

Rather than using the traditional wet-hulling technique, the producer has chosen to process the cherries using a unique ‘double extended natural fermentation’ – which results in some remarkably deep, liqueur flavours. The producer was drawn to these flavours as a substitute for alcoholic drinks which aren’t allowed in the Aceh region.

Warning: this coffee is not for the faint hearted. But if you are looking for something completely different, then this is one coffee you won’t soon forget.

Varietals: Lini S, Sigararutang
Process: Double Extended Natural
Tasting Notes: Sultana, Orange Liqueur, Lychee with a Ruby Grapefruit Acidity

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Brewing Tips

For best results, our baristas recommend brewing this coffee using a Pourover Filter, Aeropress, French Press or similar brew method:

Hario V60 brewer

Aceh Felicia Telege - V60 Pourover

Suggested Brew Recipe

  • 16 grams Coffee (medium grind)
  • 290 ml Water (~93°C)


For this coffee, our baristas recommend using a ratio of 1 part coffee to 18 parts water, and aiming for an overall brew time of 2.30 minutes.
This brew ratio is also a great starting point if you're brewing using an Aeropress, French Press (Plunger), Batch Brewer or Chemex.
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Aceh Felicia Telege - Espresso Brewing

Suggested Brew Recipe

  • 22 grams Ground Coffee
  • 36 grams Liquid Espresso
  • 28 seconds Extraction Time
  • 93 °C Water Temperature


Not every machine has 22g filter baskets - so try a ratio of 1 part ground coffee to 1.6 parts liquid espresso (eg for a 16g basket, extract 26g espresso)


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