Coffee Field Report: Brazil Yellow Topaz

Brazil Yellow Topaz Santo Antonio

Supporting Sydney cafes one day, sourcing world class coffee in Brazil the next.
Local coffee expert, Angela Millis tells the story of how she found this unique coffee.

Brazil Yellow Topaz is available from August 5 while stock lasts.

Looking out on the expanse of coffee trees in Minas Gerais, Brazil, it feels like a long way from the cafés I work with in the suburbs of western Sydney.

Back home, it’s easy to forget that this is where great coffee really begins – with a someone that puts their all into producing it, someone like Pedro Gabarra Teixeira.

I first encounter Pedro’s coffee at a coffee cupping in Minas Gerais, and I’m immediately in love with it. It was completely different to what I traditionally know about the type of coffee produced in Brazil – it’s bursting with candy sweetness & fruity overtones.

Pedro is quietly standing in the corner of the cupping lab, I hadn’t noticed him up to this point. Out of the corner of my eye – I saw the almost relief in his smile as each of the international visitors start sharing how we loved this coffee (not even knowing it was his).

After we finish tasting, I get the chance to meet Pedro and learn more about the family business. It turns out, he’s a 5th generation coffee farmer passionate about embracing new processing, innovating methods and improving the quality of his crops every year.

Pedro at Seven Miles

Pedro (2nd from right) catching up with us at Seven Miles in Manly for a coffee

While he loves to experiment with speciality coffee, he tells me that his father isn’t always on board with these new methods.

I ask him “does your Dad like the speciality coffee you are producing”, he replies “Dad fights it the whole way, but in the end, when he tastes it, he actually does enjoy it”.

Pedro is also passionate about the land and native wildlife. He speaks to me about the importance of his bird release program on his lands. Tropical birds recovered from illegal smuggling activities (a big business in Brazil) are now approved to be released in to his forests which surround his farms.

It’s no easy feat to have the ability to do this. Pedro has gone through lots of auditing, environmental studies and approvals from appropriate governing bodies to be a part of the program.

Yellow Topaz hand picking

Handpicking of the Yellow Topaz (Topázio) variety. The ripe cherries are yellow, hence the name.

While I learned so much on this trip, the most important part was the human connection and community I found.

While it sounds like a cliché, it filled my soul in a way I did not expect… making me appreciate the coffee in front of me in a whole new way.

I can only dream that one day I get to go back to Brazil, I’ve offered to volunteer on Pedro’s farm if that ever happens – he looks at me and tells me a story of a recent international visitor who said and did exactly this – he said “he didn’t make it to lunch time before he was back at the farm house unable to keep going”

A challenge for me perhaps, one I would love to accept!

I’m proud to bring back Pedro’s coffee, ‘Brazil Yellow Topaz’, which is named after the unique ‘Yellow Topaz’ coffee variety grown as a microlot on his Santo Antonio farm.

It’s available from August 5 while stock lasts. Click here for more.


Angela Millis
For over 13 years, Angela has been a passionate part of the Australian coffee industry. From café owner to working alongside dozens of independent coffee businesses, Angela loves the connections coffee creates. Now with Seven Miles, Angela leads a team of coffee professionals who share her love of delicious coffee, and desire to see the industry move forward. Recent highlights include judging in the Central Region Brewers Cup and connecting with producers in the Brazil Cerrado region.