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Macho Macho Cafe Brisbane

Every neighbourhood needs a place to come together. Whether it’s a laid back breakfast, or a cool spot to meet with friends for drinks in the evening –  Macho Macho delivers both, with a whole lot of style.

Located in Ashgrove, Macho Macho is the second venue for owners Mon and Jimmy, who started with Artie & Mai – a local favorite in Albion.

With this latest venue, which opened in March 2018, they wanted to bring not just great food and drinks, but a new attitude to the area. Jimmy explains ”Macho Macho is meant to be fun. I think a lot of people in this industry, including ourselves in the past, have taken it a bit too serious. When you walk in, before you’ve had coffee or food, you should feel good”.

The space does feel good. The exposed brick walls and industrial features contrast with the vivid artwork by Joel Birch, lead singer of Australian metal band the Amity Affliction.

Being Ashgrove locals themselves, Mon & Jimmy spotted the potential of the location when most others kept on walking. Jimmy explains “I knew there was nothing in the area, and I thought it was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen. But I saw there was a kebab shop …  so I knew there must have been some existing infrastructure there in regards to the really expensive stuff. The grease traps, and the canopies, etc”

The challenges of transforming this older site was a chance to reveal some of the history of the building. As Mon explains “There are lots of new, beautiful places that are crisp, you know they look brand, spanking new. We wanted to give this place a bit of life and to remind people that this is a really old building…to give it a little bit of character”.

Macho Coffee Menu


Fitting the theme, the menu is casual & fun, and also packs a few surprises.

Among the extensive brunch options, look out for the ‘honeycomb, ricotta & lavender hotcakes’ or the delightfully spicy ‘house made hash cakes & chorizo’ (see pictures below)

For nights, the options range from sharable small plates like the ‘Dukkah Crusted Eggplant’, to a selection of larger options.

The quality and passion is evident right across the menu. Jimmy sums it up “We’ve got three great chefs in the kitchen. I can’t wait to show the process we go to for all our food, that might be a pork slider underneath, but you don’t understand the love that’s going into that braised pork. The gnocchi, they’re making that gnocchi from scratch in there”


For coffee, they have also  embraced a new direction by offering a choice of two blends.

Cultivar, with it’s sweet notes of honey & malt, is the ever-reliable house blend, while Wilde is the fruit-bomb alternative. Says Jimmy “When you’ve got coffee such as Wilde, that gives a real different flavor profile, not only black coffee, but also with milk”.

I can testify, the coffee tastes beautiful, thanks to the skill of the baristas rocking their new state of the art La Marzocco Strada AV ABR & Mythos grinders.

Despite all these incredible options, they insist that a great cafe is made by focussing on the fundamentals. Jimmy puts it like this ”this sounds really tacky…but we have some core values which are really, really basic. you need a venue which has got a nice ambience. You’ve got to have a good product, offer good value, and you’ve got to give good service. They’re all such simple things”.

Macho Macho

498 Waterworks Rd,
Ashgrove, QLD
Mon-Tue: 7am – 2pm
Wed-Sat: 7am-10pm
Sun: 7am-9pm

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