Exploring the World of Coffee Blogs

The online coffee blogging world has exploded in recent years. Blogs are a great way to learn more about coffee and to keep up with industry tips and news. We’ve spent countless hours sifting through coffee blogs and other sites, so we thought we’d share a few of our office favourites with you all.

Our favourite coffee blogs


A great all around blog, with pieces on lifestyle, culture, gear and new coffee trends. A great one to start with if you’re just entering the world of coffee blogs, as it’s easy to read and very approachable.

Perfect Daily Grind

PDG is a goodie for daily industry insights and news.

Daily Coffee News

Another good read for every day. DCN is like a barista’s newspaper, with articles featuring just about every end of the coffee spectrum – whether its award winning farms and extreme new processing methods, or what happened at the latest coffee expo.


James Hoffman’s blog is a must read. Far from an every day post – but always filled with great information. James is an industry leader and always has great things to share.

Where is Scott Rao?

Another industry leader as well as an absolute cult hero, Scott Rao is a roasting consultant and brew expert.His blog is fairly new, however it is still very insightful for the home brewer.

Barista Hustle

Lead by the legendary Matt Perger, the Barista Hustle is basically a community of coffee geeks talking coffee. BH has a Facebook page, a blog, a coffee subscription and a whole lot of other communication lines, and is a must follow for every level in the industry. From Burr alignment videos to grind particle distribution and evenness, BH cover a range of fascinating coffee topics. Would read/10.

Tamper Tantrum (Podcast)

Not everyone has time to delve into the world of coffee blogs, so why not throw something on in the car while you’re driving to work? Tamper Tantrum is a fortnightly podcast, with the team behind it holding events across the world and recording them for us to listen to. They collate opinions and data from far and wide, from big names to new baristas, coming up with some pretty unique and interesting industry insights.

Portafilter (Podcast)

Another podcast, this one a little more advanced than Tamper Tantrum, as it tackles issues and topics inside the industry. However, if you’re a fanatic and you know a little of the coffee world, it’s well worth the listen.

The Chocolate Barista

A blog about blogs would not be complete without a special mention to 2016 ‘Sprudgie’ award-winning blog writer, Michelle Johnson. Michelle is a female African-American barista in the US, who is best known for her writing on racism and sexism in the coffee industry. Her biggest piece, The Black Cup of Excellence, is an absolutely fantastic read. This chick rocks, and if you haven’t read that story – do it. If you haven’t jammed her playlists behind the bar or at home in the kitchen – do it. She is the essence of cool barista.

Instagram and coffee – the perfect combination

Instagram is also a great platform for celebrating and learning about the wonderful world of coffee. You should (of course) follow the Seven Miles Instagram (@sevenmilescoffeeroaster), as well as the profiles of some of our team – @coffeebandito, @coffeescholar, @baristaninja, and @baristaman. If you’re in the mood to explore, search the #latteart and #coffeeporn hashtags and see what you can find. There truly are some amazingly talented coffee artists out there.

Sam McLoughlin
Sam’s love for coffee snowballed after completing his first Baristas training course when he was just 18. Since that time, Sam has been continually perfecting his skills in extraction, brewing and milk texturing in the fast paced café scene. Mastering precision, consistency and speed is a skill that can only be developed with experience, knowledge and a deep passion for exceptional coffee. Today, as one of our lead Baristas, Sam can be found pumping out sensational coffee in our Espresso Bar in the morning, working with our sourcing & roasting teams during the day and leading our Barista training classes in the evening. Sam’s a strong believer in the role of education in building an appreciation for Speciality Coffee in our community. He uses any opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with others. As a Barista, Sam loves guiding customers on their coffee journey, helping to build their understanding on different types of coffee, origins and brewing methods. Equally, he is a firm believer in sharing his skills and experience with other up and coming Baristas to ensure we are collectively building & sustaining a community of coffee lovers.
Sam McLoughlin

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