Panama Hartmann Estate Black Winey

This coffee is part of our ‘Cherry-Picked’ range. These unique, limited-edition coffees will be available in small quantities throughout the year. Panama Hartmann Estate Black Winey is available in 250g packs from November 8, 2021 while stock lasts.

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About this coffee

In recent years, Panama has produced some of the most sought-after, and expensive, specialty coffees in the world.

The Hartmann Estate is a third-generation family owned farm renowned for producing amazing specialty coffees.

The Hartmann family patriarch, Alois St. Hartmann, left Czechoslovakia for the United States when the First World War broke out in 1914. He then purchased land in Chiriqui, Panama to build a house and plant the original coffee trees on the estate.

Three generations, and over 100 years later, five members of the Hartmann family now run the farm, growing stunning specialty-grade coffees, as well as experimenting with processing methods like the ‘Black Winey’ natural processing.

The Black Winey process involves picking the cherries when they are darker & riper than usual, and then sun-dried using raised beds. This process gives the drying cherries their black colour, and refined complex sweetness & acidity.

All of this results in a beautifully balanced coffee with a distinctive fruity sweetness.

Process: Black Winey
Varietals: Typica, Caturra
Altitude: 1260-1500 masl
Producer: Hartmann Estate
Tasting Notes: Cherry-like sweetness combines with smooth notes of maple, milk chocolate & spice

Brewing Tips

For best results, our baristas recommend brewing this coffee using a Pourover Filter, Aeropress, French Press or similar brew method:

Hario V60 brewer

Panama Hartmann Estate Black Winey - V60 Pourover

Suggested Brew Recipe

  • 20 grams Coffee (medium grind)
  • 340 ml Water (~94°C)


Our baristas recommend using a ratio of 1 part coffee to 17 parts water, and pouring the water in 4 stages, with a gap of 45 seconds between each pour.
This brew ratio is also a great starting point if you're brewing using an Aeropress, French Press (Plunger), Batch Brewer or Chemex.


espresso shot measurement

Panama Hartmann Estate Black Winey - Espresso Brewing

Suggested Brew Recipe

  • 22 grams Ground Coffee
  • 36 grams Liquid Espresso
  • 28 seconds Extraction Time
  • 93 °C Water Temperature


Not every machine has 22g filter baskets - so try a ratio of 1 part ground coffee to 1.6 parts liquid espresso (eg for a 16g basket, extract 26g espresso)


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