Coop Dota

Farm Name: Coop Dota

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Coop Dota started in 1948 and has 400 members who are all small farmers in the Dota region of Costa Rica, within the area of the three saints: San Marco, Santa Maria and San Pedro. Coop Dota is committed to quality, community development and to constantly improve their practices. They are working with growers to push back against the shift towards Catimor and other timor hybrids, and encouraging them to stay with Catuai and Caturra to preserve the quality in the cup. Coop Dota was also the first coop to become carbon neutral in the world. They provide forward loans, discounted farm materials and agronomical advice to their members. Microlot coffees are dried on the patios and the coop is working to increase the amount of sun dried coffees they can produce through rotating beds and by redesigning their African beds.