Costa Rica Jaguar

Farm Name: Group of farms from Volcafe

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazú

Jaguar coffee is a selection of the Our Farmer Support best of the Tarrazú region, known as the best coffee growing area of Costa Rica. Jaguar beans are selective-picked with only 100% ripened red cherries. It is processed completely separately from other coffees received at the mill. It is de-pulped with an energy efficient ecological system and naturally fermented in tanks with the latest technology for monitoring. After being pre-dried in fully-automated drum dryers, it is then brought down to 25% humidity, hulled in special hulling machines that do not damage the coffee beans and sun-dried in a controlled environment in greenhouses. Once the humidity is 11% it is immediately bagged in vacuum-sealed bags. It needs about 4-6 weeks after bagging for the coffee to settle and bring out its attributes. This unique milling process amplifies its body gives the beans their elegant and rare bluish colour.

For every 100kg of this coffee sold, $1 is donated to the Jaguar Conservation program in Costa Rica.