De La Finca Caffe Postal

Farm Name: De La Finca Caffe Postal

Country: Colombia

Region: Caldas

Jorge Correa, owner of De La Finca Cafe Postal, a coffee farm based on the Caldas region of Colombia, is a man who inspires those he meets. An engineer by trade, he is devoted to the development of the best coffee possible. De La Finca Caffe Postal is patch worked with numerous micro lots, each planted with a different variety of coffee cultivars. With no preconceived ideas, Jorge’s approach to coffee farming is challenging many long held assumptions. He is working with some interesting varietals such as a little seen Maragogype/Gesha cross which shows great promise. Utilising his engineering background, Jorge is implementing other new techniques to improve his control in key areas that affect the quality of the coffee he produces. His newly constructed wet mill now includes six temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks. Similar to wine making, thermo-stability is used to slow down or accelerate the fermentation to manage and control flavour. We are delighted to be showcasing his coffees.