Colombia La Mesata

Finca La Meseta

Farm Name: Finca La Meseta

Country: Colombia

Region: Chinchiná Caldas

Finca La Meseta is fourth generation family operated farm located in the Caldos region at Chinchina, in the heartland of the Triángulo del Café of Colombia. As growers, they are committed to producing higher quality premium coffees and have invested heavily in both their farms and processing plants. Located in Chinchina town is their sophisticated dry mill lab where they now have their internally trained Q Grader who oversees QA. With well-established trees(some lots have trees over 50 years old), they continue to embrace new agronomic practices to build on the high quality already produced. With most coffee exported to Europe and the USA, we are delighted to be exclusively showcasing their coffee in the Australian market. The coffee produced is a clean Colombian coffee with excellent structure and acidity. As part of the ongoing development, Finca la Meseta have begun working on a number of micro lot projects with Finca Obaje in the more remote Narinjo region. Once established, these coffees, which we were fortunate to taste last year, will allow us to provide our customers with a rare and remote selection of super premium coffees.