Winter Blend - Beanie

Winter Blend - Beanie

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Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Wafer

Cosy up with a cup of ‘Beanie’ blend, our take on a winter escape. Our roasters have crafted a light espresso roast using the finest coffee beans from India and Brazil. This coffee blend will keep you warm from your head to your toes, with flavour notes of Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, and Vanilla Wafer - it’s a blend you won’t want to end. 

Available as whole beans only. 

Bag size: 250g

Suitable For Espresso
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This coffee is available as whole beans only.

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About The Coffee

Grab your favourite mug, nestle up by the crackling fire, and get toasty with a cup of Beanie. Our roasters have crafted a light espresso roast using the finest coffee beans from India and Brazil. Sip on notes of roasted hazelnut, velvety milk chocolate, sweet vanilla wafer, and wrap yourself up with a cup of Beanie to experience the ultimate winter moment.

Varietals: Catuai, Mundo Novo, Arusha, Bourbon

Process: Washed, Natural, Honey

Ingredients & Origin

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. Contains no additives or preservatives.

Sourced from: India Loyalla, Brazil Capricornio, Brazil Alto Caparao

Blended, roasted, and packaged in NSW, Australia, from imported raw coffee beans.

Cup Count

1 – 2 cups daily - 250g per week

2 – 4 cups daily - 500g per week

6 – 8 cups daily - 1kg per week

Note: These guidelines are based on using 21-22 grams of coffee, our recommended dose size for double shots.

Storage Instructions

For optimal quality, store airtight in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Dose22 GRYield44 GRTime28 SecTemp94c

This recipe is for espresso and developed on a commercial coffee machine. Use as a guide to achieve your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.

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