Jenny Willits Seven Miles

Jenny Willits


After 17 years in the marketing and communication industry, including leading creative agencies in London and Sydney like Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson, Jenny decided it was time for a completely different challenge – coffee.

As you might expect, there’s been plenty to learn since joining Seven Miles as CEO in 2017. However, Jenny quickly found that behind all the technical aspects of coffee, people are the real thread that ties the industry together. From the farmer to the roaster, the barista trainer to the café owner, it’s actually human relationships that drive us forward.

So, led by her strong personal beliefs in integrity, empathy and kindness, Jenny has set about to put people first on our pursuit of exceptional coffee. Whether it’s through her relentless focus on customer experience or investing in new technology to move us towards a sustainable future, the goal is the same; strong relationships with our team, customers, and the broader coffee community.

When she’s not at work or sipping on a long black at our Espresso Window, Jenny can be found at home entertaining family and friends, cheering on the Sydney Swans, or dominating the spin class at the local gym.