Sítio Dois Irmãos

Sítio Dois Irmãos

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Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pear

Hailing from Brazil and lovingly crafted by the Vilas Boas family, their top-notch naturals are famous for their sweet, fruity vibes. This special brew is packed with flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and pear - a real treat. Back in 2000, Antônio José de Vilas Boas stumbled upon the Sítio Dois Irmãos farm, thinking he'd start as a tomato farmer. Well, fate had different ideas, and now he's crafting some of the finest Brazilian single origins around.

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More About The Coffee

Sítio Dois Irmãos, crafted by the Vilas Boas family, produces exceptional naturals renowned for their sweet, fruity essence. This single origin bursts with flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and pear. Antônio José de Vilas Boas stumbled upon Sítio Dois Irmãos in 2000, originally intending to reign as a tomato farmer. However, fate led him to immerse himself in coffee cultivation, transitioning from manual labour to developing a drying patio by 2004. In 2011, their coffee production was a success, leading to a collaboration with Cocarive in 2013, ultimately solidifying their commitment to high-quality coffee. Today, under the guidance of Antônio's children, Allan and Allex, Sítio Dois Irmãos offers a tasty selection of sweet, fruity, and creamy coffee flavours.

Producer: Antônio José de Vilas Boas
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural

Ingredients & Origin

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. Contains no additives or preservatives.

Sourced from: Brazil

Blended, roasted, and packaged in NSW, Australia, from imported raw coffee beans.

Cup Count

1 – 2 cups daily - 250g per week

2 – 4 cups daily - 500g per week

6 – 8 cups daily - 1kg per week

Note: These guidelines are based on using 21-22 grams of coffee, our recommended dose size for double shots.

Storage Instructions

For optimal quality, store airtight in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

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Dose14 grYield250 grTime3:15mTemp95°CRatio1:18
Dose20 GRYield38 GRTime30 S

This recipe is for espresso and developed on a commercial coffee machine. Use as a guide to achieve your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.

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