Explore the world of passion and dedication it takes to craft the perfect cup. We're excited to present "Team Behind the Bean," where we introduce you to the creative minds driving Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. From our skilled roasters to talented baristas, creative designers, and the friendly faces in our customer care team – each one plays a vital role in delivering the exceptional coffee you love. Get to know the team that makes it all happen!

This Team Behind the Bean is a special one, featuring our longest-standing employee, Julian, who has been with the company for an impressive 40 years. Seven Miles’ Quality Assurance Assistant extraordinaire! Known as Jules to those in the know, located in our Manly Vale site, he has a refined taste for coffee that's nothing short of legendary. For Julian, it's all about that meticulously crafted double shot, served in a generously sized porcelain cup – no takeaway cups, thank you! Right now, he's favouring our Cultivar blend, fine-tuned by our quality roaster, Mike. 

Julian's remarkable journey in the world of coffee and tea started way back in 1963 – no, that's not a typo! It all began in London with a family business that had been crafting coffee machines since 1876. These remarkable machines, powered by steam boilers, served everyone from cosy cafes to grand ocean liners and bustling railway station buffets, including those in Italy!  

After that illustrious start, Julian spent 15 years at Kenco, a major player in the UK's coffee and tea industry. His roles spanned Sales, Marketing, Blending, Training, and even machine manufacturing within the multinational Cadbury Schweppes business. His journey then took a detour when he tied the knot in Newcastle, NSW in 1977. He later migrated with his Australian-born wife to join the small but dynamic Belaroma Coffee Company, which we now know as Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. 

For over 40 years, Julian played a pivotal role in expanding the Belaroma brand, particularly in City and Country NSW when coffee shops were still a rare find compared to today. In 2010, he decided it was time to take it easy from the daily grind. Yet, don't let that fool you, he's still our quality roast guru, making sure every batch of coffee leaving our roastery is a taste sensation. These days, you'll spot him in our Manly Vale Cupping room, putting his coffee expertise to work, ensuring every single bean is extraordinary. 

While he enjoys a perfectly brewed coffee at our Espresso Roastery Door every day, his home routine leans more toward tea, brewed in a silver teapot using quality leaves from various sources. But when it's coffee time at home, Julian grinds freshly roasted beans, mixes them with cold water in a saucepan, brings it near boiling, and then pours it into a plunger. The result? Pure perfection!  

A big shout-out to Julian, our all-time champ!