Green Tea & Jasmine

Green Tea & Jasmine

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Smooth Green Tea with Fragrant Jasmine
Delicate, with a hint of earthiness and bursting with wellness perks, our Green Jasmine Tea brings you a rich, fragrant jasmine flavour. This elegant tea boasts a charming light yellow hue and a refreshing finish.

Our Green Tea & Jasmine Tea comes in loose leaf packs or biodegradable tea pyramids. 
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More About The Tea

Loose Leaf Measurements

For a hot tea preparation, the usual measurement is 1 teaspoon for every cup, while for iced tea, it's 2 teaspoons per cup. Therefore, to make hot tea in a 1-litre teapot, you would use approximately 4 teaspoons of tea.


Prefer your tea with a stronger flavour? Add another teaspoon of tea instead of increasing the brewing time, and stick to the suggested steeping duration.


When mixing milk into your black tea, steep it for themaximum time suggested. Keep in mind, milk is typically reserved for black teas; white, green, and herbal teas are often enjoyed without any additions.

Brew Temperature

For white, green, and oolong teas, an ideal temperature is 80°C. Achieve this by mixing 20% cold water with 80% boiling water into a jug. Before adding your tea, swirl some hot water in your teapot or cup and then pour it out. This preheats your tea vessel, preventing it from rapidly cooling down your brew.