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Wilde: Specialty Coffee

In honour of Oscar Wilde, polarising and deliciously different. This specifically selected blend of fruit driven, natural processed coffees is for those looking for something truly remarkable.

The coffees in Wilde have been selected not only based on their outstanding flavour, but also based on our connection with the growers. This provides even greater control over coffee quality and helping to close the gap between coffee growers and customers.

Wilde won a Gold Medal for Espresso (black) and a Bronze Medal for Cappuccino (milk) at the 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards

Tasting Notes: Wild-berry jam with sweet candy, rockmelon and nectarine. Bright, rounded acidity and juicy body with a smooth vanilla finish.

Origins: Costa Rica Jaguar Honey /  Ethiopia Guji Wonberta natural / Indonesian Wahana natural

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From our small batch roasteries throughout Australia, we respectfully roast every batch to unlock the exceptional flavours our farming partners have worked so hard to achieve. To preserve quality at all times, we only partner with those who share our deep respect for coffee and value quality above all else.

At Seven Miles, coffee is an avenue through which we learn, we grow, we are inspired and we connect. Our approach might not be for everyone, but those who share our love for coffee understand why there really is no other way.

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