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Improving coffee through scientific experimentation, engineering and world-class education

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Why Coffee Science?

The coffee industry has more than its fair share of myths & folklore. Through an evidence-based approach, our team combines expertise in chemical engineering & food technology to separate fact from fiction and help make a real difference to the way we roast, brew & source coffee.

Our Research Centre conducts rigorous experimentation on coffee roasting and the extraction processes, as well as road testing purpose built equipment from an array of manufacturers. Doing so enables Seven Miles to deliver the best quality coffee and practical solutions for our customers.

Education Centre

Our education centre is committed to communicating best practices to anyone who wants to improve their coffee: from espresso beginners to masters of brewing. Our Manly Vale training centre is certified as a Premier Training Campus by the SCA – The world’s leading specialty coffee association. We take the industry best practices, and marry these with our own learnings from 40 years of roasting, combined with the insights from our research centre.


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Research Centre

Our Research Centre was established to push the boundaries of the current state of the art in coffee roasting and brewing, ensuring the best quality coffee for our customers. The Research Centre has three primary divisions, aimed and delivering the best coffee experience today, 2 and 10 years into the future.

Process Improvement – Ensuring that we are roasting the very best in the most effective ways possible. Here we integrate our QA processes and continuous improvements to our systems to deliver consistently high quality and economically sustainable prices.

Equipment Testing – Ensuring that we and our customers are best supported through the latest and best equipment, customised to the market they are operating within

Advanced Research and Development – Looking to the future; actively researching and practically integrating advanced technologies within our roasting and QA processes to deliver the consistency and taste our customers rely on. Some examples so far include industry-first research into the impact of water chemistry on coffee brewing, the ideal freshness shelf-life & storage conditions for roasted coffee & insights into the future of espresso automation.

We are committed to uncovering the technologies that will make a real difference in the way we enjoy and make coffee, and to help our customers and partners to distinguish themselves from their competition.

If you have any questions on our research centre, or are looking for collaborative projects, click the link below to get in touch.