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Raising the bar in the coffee industry through industry-leading products, barista training & sustainability solutions

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Barista Training Centre

Our barista training centre is committed to communicating best practices to anyone who wants to improve their coffee: from espresso beginners to masters of brewing. We take the industry best practices, and marry these with our own learnings from 50 years of roasting, combined with the insights from our research centre.


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Industry Insights

Don’t get left behind. Through our Cafe 2025 program, the Coffee Next team have mapped out the equipment, products & technologies that will give you a competitive advantage over the next 5 years.

  • > Brewing water systems developed with UNSW
  • > Increased productivity with automated tech
  • > Industry trends & insights

Real Sustainability Solutions

We’ve invested in real, evidence-based solutions to reducing our environmental impact. In partnering with us, you can boost your own environmental credentials while at the same time making a genuine impact on the planet.

  • > Australia’s first recycling program
    for coffee bags with Terracycle
  • > Closed loop paper cup
    recycling with RecycleMe
  • > 200,000kg of carbon saved by installing solar power at our roastery

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