Costa Rica Tirra Estate Natural

Costa Rica Tirra Estate

Natural Coffees (i.e. sun-dried rather than processed with water) are unusual in Costa Rica. In this instance, sun-drying results in a coffee which delivers a delicious mix of deep fruit, chocolate & rum-like flavours.

Tasting Notes

Tropical melon up front, chocolate, rum & raisin.


San Marcos, Tarrazu


Coopetarrazu cooperative is located in the heart of the Tarrazu region and is dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable farming practices in the community. They have implemented a ‘Coffee, Culture, Quality of Life’ Sustainability plan to track their environmental impact, implement better practices, and create a culture of environmental respect among members and children. Through this program Coopetarrazu offer free seeds and soil analyses to its members, allowing farmers to undertake reforestation and understand how topography and surrounding ecosystems impact their soil. Farmers are subsequently able to adjust their practices according to the specific soil needs. The cooperative conduct education programs for community youth, focusing on the tracking of birds and insect populations, and learning about the important role these species play in coffee production and ecosystem maintenance. Coopetarrazu also support seasonal migrant working by providing on-site housing and organising festivals throughout the year celebrating their indigenous cultural heritage. Funds raised through the sale of this coffee will be invested in the supply of organic fertilizer and shade trees to member producers.






1500 – 1600 masl

Available as both espresso and filter roasts.

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