The latest espresso technology (Host Milan 2019)

A quick look at new release and upcoming espresso machines and grinders from the HOST trade show in Milan. For a roundup of coffee trends for 2020 (including equipment), click here.


Sanremo Brave

The Sanremo Brave is a brand-new espresso machine that promises to bring a  completely different approach to brewing espresso coffee.

On the outside, it looks like a modified Sanremo Café Racer, but on the inside it has 3 separate modes:

  1. Time – like the existing Café Racer
  2. Pressure – which brings the pressure profiling features of the Sanremo Opera
  3. Flow – a completely new mode that controls extraction by the flow rate of the water.

The Brave comes with a whole lot of new software designed to automate the machine’s parameters to maintain the ideal extraction of espresso. The goal here is to let the machine automatically adapt to changes in grind setting and other variables to make consistently delicious coffee a whole lot easier.

How well does it do this? Hard to say right now, we’ll have to give it a thorough test when a demo machine becomes available.

…check it out in the video above as our own Josh Robertson runs through the features.

La Marzocco Strada EP – Version 2

The La Marzocco Strada has been around for a few years in various forms. The new version 2 of the EP (Electronic Paddle) model combines popular features from a number of La Marzocco’s other models.

The EP2 has the pressure profiling abilities of the original version but also adds the built-in scales from the ABR model and the ‘straight-in’ group design of the KB90 model.

The pressure profiling on this model is also programmable, so once you find a great tasting profile – you can lock it in and automate the process. These programs use the weight of the shot (rather than the time) to automate these changes, which is meant to make things more consistent=

Is this enough to get baristas interested in pressure profiling? We’re looking forward to getting into the details when this machine is available

Take a look at the video above as our own Scott Sanderson show us what’s new.

Mahlkonig E65S gbW Grinder

This grind-by-weight espresso grinder looks like the real deal. With a ‘tare’ time (i.e. the time it takes to zero the group handle) of less than 1 second and lightning fast grind times – it’s built for speed.

Not only that, it’s also really precise – accurate down to around 0.1g

One unique feature that we haven’t come across before, is the way you can adjust the grind using the actual distance between the burrs. This measurement displays as a readout on the screen allowing very precise grind adjustment as well as a way to compare grind size from one grinder to another…nice.

All that technology is definitely cool, but the colour coded lights are next level…check it out in action in the video above as our own Dr Adam Carr takes it for a spin.

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Mazzer Major V Grinder

The Mazzer Major is one of the world’s most popular commercial espresso grinders – so the updates here are all about refining a winning formula.

The Major V aims to reduce the mess and inconsistency caused by static electricity in the ground coffee. It does this via a new 2-layer static screen, that is now removable to allow easy cleaning.

Another important update is the new design of the grinding chamber. Not only is it much easier to remove for cleaning…but it doesn’t lose the grind setting, which was a real pain in the older version.

Our own Scott Sanderson looks at these improvements as well as a few other updates in the video above.

Click here for more on the Major V Grinder

La Marzocco Swan S Grinder (Prototype)

La Marzocco are better known for their espresso machines, but they’ve brought some clever thinking to this prototype espresso grinder.

The engineers have included 2 ionising rings to prevent static in the ground coffee. The result is beautifully fluffy grounds and very little mess.

The grind chamber is designed to minimise the retention of ground coffee, and the motor itself is offset to prevent heat transferring to the grounds.

According to the good people at La Marzocco, they expect it to be available sometime around the middle of next year.

Our own Josh Robertson walks through the key features in the video above.

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Markibar Izaga Grinder

Markibar is not a particularly well-known brand of espresso grinders in Australia, but they’ve brought some great practical features to their latest Izaga grinders.

With the option to operate with one dose pre-ground (and weighed) in an internal dosing chamber – the workflow is basically instantaneous.

During slower periods, the Izaga allows you to switch to grind on demand, giving the best of both worlds.

They have also separated the motor from the grind chamber to minimise heat during busy periods.

Take a look as Josh Robertson demonstrates in the video above.

Click here for more on the Izaga Grinder

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