Limited Edition: Colombia Natural X.O.

limited edition colombia natural

This rare and unique coffee is available from Monday, 19th March while stock lasts.

Named after the famed ‘XO’ Cognac, the coffee cherries have undergone an extended fermentation in a controlled environment to produce the deep, Cognac-like flavours of this unique & strictly limited variety.

Our team (Sergio and Adam) from visited the producers of this coffee on their recent trip to Colombia. The owners of the farms employ only the best pickers and are committed to supporting their families and the local community. Their agricultural engineers are constantly experimenting with their crops to optimize flavours from each varietal they farm. The Natural X.O. coffee was a standout due to its unique cognac-like taste profile. Even next to high-scoring Geisha coffee, we kept coming back to the X.O. – so, we decided to bring back and make available a limited quantity for Seven Miles.

We roast this coffee to highlight the distinct characteristics of this coffee. Depending on who you ask, we’ve received descriptors of ‘rum & raisin, dry-sherry, and Christmas cake’. Some have likened the taste to a strawberry-chocolate milk shake, with a pleasant cognac aftertaste. Perhaps the nicest thing about the coffee, is that it works equally well as a filter coffee, an espresso, or in milk. It’s a coffee that doesn’t just hit you in the face with its unique character, but is also eminently drinkable.­­

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Tasting Notes

Rockmelon up front, tropical fruits, sweet with a dry-sherry finish.


Valle de Cauca


Café Granja La Esperanza represents the heart of the Colombian Coffee Culture. The original farm “Potosí” was acquired by Israel Correa and Carmen Rosa Vega (grandmother) in 1930, when they arrived to the northern area of Valle del Cauca. In 1945, Juan Antonio, the husband of Blanca Correa, decided to introduce three different varieties to the existing Typica, and that is how he started a crop of Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra. In the late 1990s, the family bought a second farm, La Esperanza, to extend their crops and to try new varietals, including Geisha imported from Panama in 2007. Today, Café Granja La Esperanza specialises in the production and commercialisation of specialty coffee varietals and faces huge challenges adapting them to the Colombian conditions.


San Juan


aged natural


1600 – 2000 masl

This coffee won a Bronze medal at the 2018 Australian International Coffee Awards

Ben Irvine
From owner / operator of his own coffee business, to product development for a coffee multinational, to consulting with independent cafe owners, Ben has been involved across a wide range of the industry over the last 20 years. When he isn’t brewing coffee, or writing about it, Ben is likely to be annoying his kids with 90’s music trivia.