Finca La Encanada

Farm Name: Finca La Encanada

Country: Peru

Region: Belon, Yorongos, Rioja, San Martin

In the six years since our first visit to Finca La Encanada in the region of San Martin, Peru back in 2010, we have built a close relationship with Dionicio, his manager Fedmin and their farm. Committing to a long term partnership in 2012, their coffees continues to score better and better in blind cuppings. Dionicio inherited the small farm holding from his father and began growing coffee in 2006. Since then, he has worked hard to educate himself on best practice agricultural activities and the subsequent processing of his coffee, which is exhibiting itself on the cupping table. As part of the agreed price per pound, we include a premium to be reinvested back into the farm to improve equipment, coffee quality, the livelihood of the community and ensure the future sustainability of his coffee. Finca La Encanada is very close to our hearts and we look forward to sharing the fruits of this relationship with you.