AeroPress & Bruer Filter Papers (350 Pack)

AeroPress & Bruer Filter Papers (350 Pack)

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AeroPress and Bruer Filter Papers are high-quality, disposable coffee filters designed for use with the Bruer, Delter and AeroPress coffee maker. Made from microfiltered, chlorine-free paper, these filters ensure a pure and flavourful coffee experience. The filters are designed to fit your chosen coffee maker perfectly and their unique shape ensures a clean extraction and prevents coffee grounds from ending up in your cup.

Suitable For Espresso Filter
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Key Features

Smooth, Clean Coffee - Produce incredibly smooth and clean coffee by disabling grounds to pass through the paper filter to your final mug.

Versatile Shape - Designed for the Aeropress, but compatible with most brewers that use circular filters.

350 Pack - More than enough filters to last months.

Easy Cleanup - Can be dumped in the garbage with the used grounds immediately after brewing for painless cleanup.

The Specifics

  • 350 x AeroPress Micro Filters.
  • Each filter provides a single use, which means you can make 350 coffees with this pack of 35


1x AeroPress Filter Papers 350pk


The standard 12-month warranty applies to all coffee brewing equipment. Any defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service will be raised with the manufacturer.

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